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Oxford Auto Sales

Oxford Auto Sales

We are now in our 26th year in the car business, and our 20th year at our present Mississauga location. We are at 3641 Wolfedale Road (the first street west of Mavis, just south of Burnhamthorpe, in front of Auto-Tech, beside McDonalds). We would like to thank all our customers for giving us the opportunity to help them with their vehicle needs.

Our hours are flexible, but by appointment only. Call before you come. We can meet you almost anytime as long as we know ahead.

Oxford Auto Sales We deal almost exclusively in Fleet Lease vehicles. These are vehicles that have been leased by larger companies for use by their salespeople and other employees. They have usually had only one person driving them, many times primarily on the highway.

The leases are normally for a period of 2 -3 years, and they are tailored so the vehicles are traded for new ones when they have between 80,000 and 120,000 kilometers on them. While this may seem high to some private owners who are used to driving around 20 - 25,000 kilometers a year, we have found through experience that if a car is maintained properly, a lot of highway miles when a car is new does not cause much harm or undue wear.

Oxford Auto Sales The big plus of these cars is the price! They are about 25% less than the traditional used car with average mileage you will find at a new car dealership. We have sold a lot of 2- 3 year old ex-lease cars over the last six or seven years and we can say with enthusiasm they have given excellent service to their new owners as well as the best value for money of any car purchase, new or used.

We will always consider a trade-in, and we usually sell the good ones ourselves, so we sometimes have older vehicles available as well.

Oxford Auto Sales All vehicles are reconditioned and certified, delivered with a good clean-up and a fresh oil change. Any mechanical problems that are evident are fixed before the cars are delivered. When you are in need of a reliable used car for yourself or perhaps a member of your family, we hope you think of us and give us a call. We would like to find you something that represents better value than you might otherwise find. A wide range of after-market warranties is available and we can now help with financing whether your credit is excellent or poor.

If you know of someone else looking for a vehicle, let us know who they are and get them to contact us. We would love to send you a finder's fee!

For more information, or to arrange to see a car contact Don Robertson by Email or at the phone numbers below. We would be pleased to fax you a list of our current stock.

(905) 566-0000 Fax: (905) 566-1441

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