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Caring for your new used vehicle.

1. Change the engine oil as regularly as clockwork.   At LEAST every 5000 KM.

2. Don't use cheap oil!  Stay away from the $19.95 oil change special.  I can personally attest to absolute horror stories stemming from the use of 5W30 bulk oil, even from major brand names.

3. Fancy additives are great (I like Lucas products), but it is FAR more important to do regular changes.  If you want to spend extra money, buy a better grade of oil.

4. Change the oil in the automatic transmission.  This costs about $80.00.   Change it EVERY YEAR in a front wheel drive vehicle (in the fall, just after the hot weather), and every two years in a rear wheel drive vehicle.  MORE OFTEN if you tow anything.  If you decide to get a transmission flush (more expensive than a simple oil change, but All the oil is changed) make sure the technician drops the pan and changes the filter as well.

5. Rotate the tires front to back every SECOND oil change.  Every second time you rotate, have the tires balanced.  This is especially important for a front wheel drive vehicle.  If you do not rotate them, the front ones will wear out prematurely, and the rear ones will go out of round (especially if the vehicle is usually driven lightly loaded).  This is true no matter what quality of tires are on the vehicle.

6. Get an annual check up done by a qualified shop.  While many vehicles can go up to 100,000 KM between tune-ups, an annual check up is important to be sure:

A. Filters are changed (a partially plugged fuel filter will not often cause a performance problem in modern fuel injected vehicles, but it will burn out a very expensive electronic fuel pump).
B. The exhaust system is in good shape (aside from obvious health hazards, leaks can cause oxygen sensors to send incorrect information to the computer).
C. The cooling system is okay (even though it looks good and tests to 40 below, the coolant can turn acidic or excessively alkaline and eat out components, a common cause of cylinder head gasket failure).
D. Finally, it is important to have a trained pair of eyes look over the whole vehicle once a year to spot problems early, while they are easy and economical to remedy.

5. Keep the vehicle waxed, especially in winter (particularly if you use an automated car wash, the wax helps prevent those little tiny scratches).

6. "Rust Check" is a very good idea, once a year.  It is best applied in July or August when the vehicle is very dry (better penetration) and before the fall of the year when the morning dew settles on the vehicle (it doesn't just settle on the outside, it is everywhere there is air - inside the doors, inside the trunk lid, the frame, shock towers, wheel wells etc. etc.).

7. DON'T USE CHEAP GAS. Only buy major brands, and remember, most V6 & V8 engines run more economically on premium fuel than regular because of the much better mileage that premium produces.  Pay 20% more for the gas and get 25% better mileage!

8. Finally, budget at least $1,000.00 to $2,000.00 per year for maintenance and repairs to keep your vehicle in optimum condition.  This amount will certainly be larger for cars older than five or six years, and mileage over 150,000 KM.   A recent study found the average car owner in Ontario spends $1,600.00 per year on maintenance, and I am not sure the average owner keeps their vehicle in optimum condition.  Do NOT buy a used car and expect to go a year, or even a few months with no repairs. For more information, or to arrange to see a car contact Don Robertson at Oxford Auto Sales  We would be pleased to fax you a list of our current stock.

(905) 566-0000 Fax: (905) 566-1441

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