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1978 VW Super Beetle Convertible

$17,000.00 CAD Plus Tax When Finished

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This is a rust free car from California that a friend of mine, Brad Thomson, imported in 1990 or so for his wife to drive. She used it for about six years when he decided to tear it down for a full restoration. This is something he was very capable of doing as he was in the antique VW business big time, but like the shoemaker's daughter who went barefoot, the last car to get attention was his wife's. She got tired of waiting and bought a new car! (That'l teach you Brad!) So he thought to himself, where am I going to find a sucker to buy a car that's in 42,000 pieces? He immediately thought of me.
A Face Only A Dubber Could Love!

This is a picture of me pushing my friendship with Terry Cleland to the limit.

Terry used to be in the race car building business, but doesn't do it anymore. But he can be coerced into the odd job for friends once in a while. He helped me with my VW Type 3 engine recently.

And he thought I cut the grass on his runway all last year because I enjoyed doing it! (snicker)
You want me to do what?

The car is in remarkable shape, solid and straight. Brad had amassed nearly everything needed for the car, and being in the business he was able to collect the best of all new parts available. It is going to be a superior example whan it is finished.

I am getting a new pair of heads for the engine, I need to talk Terry into porting them for me..... Terry, did I tell you I am going to do a tune up on the mower next week?
Where do I get time to do this?

Whenever you take over someone else's project, it is alway a daunting task. Brad made sure we got all the parts, but when they are in a whole bunch of boxes, it is a little scary.
This is the engine as I got it from Brad!
Several Abbra cadabra's and a bucket of money later and this is what you get!.
All done and powder coated too!!

Check back soon for more pictures!

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