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1966 VW Beetle

$14,000.00 CAD Plus tax - Click here for values in other currencies: Xenon Labs Currency Converter

Oxford Auto Sales This car is one of my personal restoration projects.

I used to make a living repairing Volkswagens and Porsches in my misspent youth, but I had never actually owned one.

I had wanted a 66 Beetle for years, but they became very hard to find quite a few years back.

The 66's are a little unique in that they are the last of the 6 volt cars, and the only year to have the 1300CC engine (at least in North America). This one was owned by a friend of mine, Larry Larmand, and used by him as a basic transportation vehicle for 15 years.

He had another one prior to this one, but the body fell completely apart from Toronto's salty winters.

This car had just come from Vancouver when he bought it and it had no rust to speak of at the time.
Oxford Auto Sales

He installed the drive train and many other parts from his old one in the cleaner body.

I had lost touch with him for 17 years, but I knew he used to have a 66 Beetle, so I decided to try to track him down. I have one of those CD ROMs with all the phone numbers in Canada.... and there he was!

Oxford Auto Sales I was able to talk him into selling me the car in the spring of 1997. He had many people trying to buy it, but he knew I would take care of it.

I immediately had a friend of mine, Doug Toyota, owner of Midway Collision in Oakville, do a magnificent body and paint job (with the help of four new fenders and some new bumpers).

Another friend of mine, Luis Pereira, installed a new interior. He made the headliner from scratch, and it looks just like the original!

I had the engine rebuilt as it had over 120,000 miles on it (this motor even spent several weeks pushing Larry's sister's 66 bus during a vacation to Newfoundland).

We put new synchros in the transmission for second gear, installed a set of new radial tires and all new brakes (including NOS German brake drums). Now it beetles along as happily as can be.

Oxford Auto Sales

Oxford Auto Sales I am in the process of rebuilding the car as a mint, but driveable vehicle, not a show car. I believe Beetles like to be driven, (at least in the summer) and would not have a car that was so perfect I was afraid to drive it. However I have taken great pains to obtain correct parts for everything, and the car is as stock as it can be.

The car received another fresh interior in the spring of 2007 (new carpet set, door panels and seat covers) which prettied up the car enough that it won a couple of awards during the summer.

Oxford Auto Sales The spring of 2008 saw the instalation of a terrific four-band Blaupaunkt radio I got from Matthias Klassen at Oldtimer-Radio in Germany.

It looks great and really works well. It seems to pull in more FM stations than modern car radios.

Oxford Auto Sales I also installed a new steering wheel, horn ring and centre button which I got from California Import Parts in Vancouver, BC.

The price was very reasonable and it came with an install kit for the horn ring.

At the same time I installed a new set of tar-boards on the floor, front and rear. I was able to order these pre-cut to the correct shape from California Import Parts as well.

Oxford Auto Sales I got a new inside rear view mirror as well, the chrome on the old one had seen better days.
Here is a correct right side outside mirror with a long stem so it can be seen easily be the driver. Oxford Auto Sales

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